Dear David Cameron – Stop emailing me. Please.

12 May 2010

Dear David,

I have recently been bombarded received an awful lot of emails from you, George Osbourne and a few others at Conservative head office.

During the election campaign, while these were far too numerous and repetitive, I didn’t mind much.   Though I’m not sure where you got my email address from or what agreement you thought I had given you that I wanted this correspondence, it was at least more convenient than all paper propaganda I got through my letterbox (from all parties, though, again, more from The Conservatives than the other parties)

But since the ballots closed at 10pm last Thursday I’ve been getting really fed up of it.

The tone has changed.  Rather than slagging off the opposition and asking for my support and vote, you have now started to use arrogant language that just assumes that I did support and vote for your party (which, as it happens, I did not).

I wanted a hung parliament.  And I got one.  Thanks.

No matter which parties were to be involved in a coalition (the formal one you’ve agreed or another form, had it gone that way) I’m just glad that parties are having to work together and it’s not a single party forcing things through regardless.

Now, to be honest, I’m not really a big fan of you but I reckon you’ve been talking pretty sensibly over the last 24 hours or so and I’m hopeful that you and your party will keep up the apparent openness, positive consultations, and alleged desire for fairness.

But please: stop claiming my vote, stop implying greater Conservative support than there was, and please PLEASE stop emailing me bollocks.



PS – I have included below a couple of examples with comments to help you understand the problem.

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