Digital Economy Bill – Open Letter to My MP

18 March 2010

The Government are currently trying to rush the Digital Economy Bill through Parliament before the expected general election in May. Not only are parts of the bill misguided and draconian, but this is clearly a subject on which opinion is divided.

Below is a letter I sent my MP, Sadiq Khan (@sadiqkhan) about the Digital Economy Bill. You may want to write something similar:

Dear Sadiq.

I am extremely concerned at the Government ‘s current attempt to rush the Digital Economy Bill through Parliament before the forthcoming election and without a full Parliamentary debate.

This law is controversial, ill thought through and contains many measures that concern me. Any controversial Bill deserves proper scrutiny and debate so please do not let the government rush it through.

Industry experts, ISPs (including Talk Talk & BT) and huge internet companies (including Google & Yahoo) are all opposing the bill – yet the Government seems intent on forcing it through without a real debate. On top of that many people think it will damage schools and businesses as well as innocent people who rely on the internet because it will allow the disconnecting of people suspected of copyright infringement.

I support the industry in their battle to prevent theft of copyright materials but this is not the solution. Many of the figures cited by the industry are dubious at best and often just plain wrong, as Ben Goldacre has exposed several times.

Some elements of the bill may well be desirable and sucessful, but as opinion is so wildly divided and many experts see serious problems with it, there MUST be a full and open debate on the matter.

As a constituent in Tooting I writing to ask that you do all you can to ensure that your honorable friends do not rush this bill through denying the popultion our democratic right to scrutiny and debate.

[My Name & Postcode]

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