Tweet me, tweet you

29 August 2008

A few days ago I saw (via @FabricOfFolly) that Twitter had removed and subesquently re-instated a couple of fictional Twitter accounts. As we all probably know, they were characters from the AMC (and BBC Four) show Mad Men.

It seems to have kicked off quite a debate about this kind of thing. While the terms and conditions on Facebook require you to use your real name (as Kitten Fluff can testify), Twitter doens’t seem to have any such rules. It turned out to be the result of a DCMA copyright takedown notice although the accounts went back up soon after once AMC realised that they were missing a lot of free publicity (not to mention looking a total arse).

Give it a day or so and Wired decided to round up some of the many other factional Twitter accounts. I suspect this topic has legs and will run for the next week or so getting progressively more ridiculous and less interesting.

That said it does raise an interesting issue in terms of fan fiction as well as the verification of famous identities online. A couple of weeks back there was a bit of a rush to try to establish with @JohnCleese was actually that John Cleese.

Anyway, I found all of this vaguely amusing because, by pure coincidence, I created two fictional twitter accounts about two weeks ago.

Basically, and for no good reason other than it seemed like a funny idea to me (no pun intended… actually, maybe it was intended), I decided to set up Twitter accounts for British children’s TV stars The Chuckle Brothers: @paul_chuckle and @barry_chuckle.

As anyone in the UK will know, they’re mainly famous for their “To me, to you” catch phase so I’ve basically spent the last couple of weeks tweeting “To me” and “To you” between them: (sorry – still fairly new to WordPress and can’t work out how to put an image properly, I’ll sort it later).

Anyway, just to clarify (before I get into any trouble anywhere):

Right then. That’s my achievement for August. What next….


Dogs, dogs, dogs

15 August 2008

Tomorrow night, in North East London, a piece of history is being made… before being torn down.

Walthamstow Stadium has it’s final greyhound race meet tomorrow and will be formally handed over to property developers in September, then torn down to make way for houses.

I’ve never been there but I’ve been to Wimbledon dog track several times and always had a good time. I’ve never made or lost too much money (bets start at 50p I think) and there’s a good atmosphere with everyone from kids to regulars to hen-parties in attendance. It’s pretty relentless too: with a race every 15 minutes, that doesn’t leave you standing around with nothing to do for very long.

There’s a lot of analysis and strategy that can be applied to the selection of a hound to bet on; however I’ve always opted to stick to my own system. Like any good system, mine has simple, basic criteria which are always applied with a defined order of precedence:

  1. If there’s a dog with a vaguely rude name, back it. Simple as that.
  2. Next go for any name that’s either particularly silly or that can be said in a way that makes it sound a bit rude even though it’s not.
  3. Finally, any dog that craps on the way onto the track is a worth a bet, just in case it wins thereby giving you a humorous story for later.

Anyway, the point of this post was that I’ve got a suggestion that Walthamstow Stadium Developments Ltd may wish to think about before knocking the place down.

I think there is a definite market for cat racing.

In particular I think that, providing a Turkish “Swimming Cat” can be trained to use a skate board (and there’s no evidence to suggest that they can’t) then there’s huge potential for a Cat Triathlon.

And the best thing about it is it would only require the alteration of a single letter on any signage: Walthamstow Mogs.

I know.

Trying not to fail again

26 July 2008

As I mentioned before, this is not my first blog. The web is scattered with my failed attempts. I’m much better at twitter, partly because (let’s be honest) it really can’t take long to write 140 characters and partly (probably more importantly) I can do it from my mobile while I’m stood outside some pub or other.

Anyway, I found this old beginning (twice) of a blog:

Clearly by far the best the only good thing about it is the title.

Political Compass

4 July 2008

I was sent a link to the Political Compass earlier today.  I don’t think it’s new and I don’t really know how much use it is but I spend 5 minutes going through anyway.

It asks a serious of multiple choice questions and you get a position on a few political scales, drawn out on a grid, presumably confirming roughly how you thought of yourself anyway.

Anyway, as I’ve bothered to answer the questions, here’s the graph:

Apparently this is there I fall in the political scale

Apparently this is there I fall in the political scale

According to a couple of other grids on the site, that’s pretty much the mirror image (along the top-left to bottom-right diagonal) of where Thatcher was.  Which I’m taking as a good thing.

Hey! Ho! Let’s go!

3 July 2008

This is not my first blog post.  It’s roughly my 12th first blog post.

I’ve spent the last 6 years or more planning to start blogging.  Occasionally actually written something.

Now I’ve moved from a very old blogger account and set up shop here.

Let’s be honest, this is just a test post.

The end.