Upon reflection…

4 December 2008

There was a new Kiefer Sutherland film out a month or so ago* called Mirrors.  Like a lot of recent, samey, fairly sub-standard horror it’s a remake (yes it is, ignore anyone who says it isn’t) of a 2003 Korean film called Geoul Sokeuro (English title: “Into The Mirror”).

The film was okay but not really worth bothering with.  To be honest, the best thing I’ve seen about it is an advert in our local pub.

You know those advert-mirrors?  They’re in a few pubs’ toilets.  It looks a bit like a bad mirror (or some one-way glass) but then a light goes on inside and shows up an advertising image of some sort.  They generally look like something out of Phoenix Nights but in this case, because of the subject matter, it actually kind of works: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mydogminton/sets/72157607943676860/

* I wrote this about 2 months ago but never got round to publising it.